Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stuck in the Middle

You’ve finally committed.  You started writing your novel. Everything is going great. The plot is coming together the characters are awesome and connect with each other and you. Then the unthinkable happens.  Nothing at all.  That’s right you’ve spent weeks months or even years and now you’re stuck right in the middle of the story. You know where it should go, but you can’t see how to get it there.
This is not really the same as writers block though you could say they are cousins. You keep writing, but it just feels like you are spinning your wheels. How do you combat being stuck in the middle?
1) Keep writing. The end may be closer than you think.
2) Skip ahead. Movies aren’t shot in order so who says you have to write that way.
3) Realize you aren’t alone. The middle is usually the make or break part of a novel. Not because it is the most important part, but because it is where most writers give up. The beginning of a novel is easy you go in all revved up and start strong. The ending is easy as well as you can see the finish line. The middle is that bleak spot where you can get lost and lose sight of the prize at the end.
4) Don’t give up. Recommit yourself to finishing. You’re in the middle of the forest now and the only way out is to continue forward.


  1. Ha ha... love the pic! And you are so right! I've never written a story out of chrono order before, but I know other writers who have, and I think it's amazing. It's always an option.

    Nice post!

  2. Are you saying your stuck on Forever? I so want to know what is happening with A and Sam and Duncan/Demon boy but, I'd rather wait a bit longer than have you rush!

  3. I'm a 36 yo mom who recently read your book, and I love it. I can't wait for the next book though in no ways want to rush you. You are a brilliant writer and I simply love your work. I love the bridge it gaps between me and my 13 yo daughter who also loves it, thanks to you we have some common ground!

  4. Ok before I hop offline I HAD to comment on that pic. It's AWESOME~!