Friday, March 2, 2012


First, let me explain how I write. I, unfortunately, do not write with a plan or outline in place. This is against every writing rule I was taught in school and every one I’ve read since putting my fingers to the keyboard to begin Immortal in 2010. This means I throw out a lot of what I write. Immortal alone I started over five times and probably threw out 80,000 words.
The reason I’m telling all of you this is three fold.
1)      For those who are writing or aspiring to write: Don’t give up. I have the worst writing habits in the world, yet I persisted, and because of it, Immortal and Forever were created.
2)      This means I am not a fast writer. If you add in the fact that I also have a full time job, two kids, and a husband, as well as writing but I hate excuses. I know, as a fan waiting over a year for Mass Effect 3 and three years three months for Inheritance by Christopher Paolini (see I’m a bigger dork than you thought) to come out I really do understand the frustration of waiting for the next book or game or even movies to be released.
3)      This also means that my most frequently asked question: When will Eternity, the third book in the Immortal Trilogy, be released? This question is actually hardest for me to answer. I would chalk it up there with Stephenie Meyers being asked about Midnight Sun. I know you all want a date now and the sooner the better. The thing is I needed a break from Immortal not a long break but a little one. Hence, the reason I am working on Here After my new series. I promise afterward I will be back to work on Eternity.
I hope this gives you some insight into what I’m doing and I hope you’re all willing to hang in there with me. The wait will be worth it.