Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I’m Not Looking

You’ve promised yourself you won’t look anymore. That is easier said than done considering every time you click the link it is the first thing you see.  It is also everywhere you see your book like a shining beacon right next to your cover. And every time the number grows your stomach clenches tight and you hope the news is good. I’m talking about book ratings and reviews. 
There is much debate amongst authors as to the proper to way to respond to these ratings and reviews. Some think responding to the reviewer is good. Some think having the more flagrantly negative reviews removed is a good idea. I’m in the crowd of no response is the best response. So why am I writing this post?
1) Reviews whether good or bad positive or negative can say what they want. It can be inaccurate, mean, and spiteful. It can also be eloquent, thoughtful, and heartwarming. Or any combination of the above. So yes there can be a good negative review and a bad positive review.
2) Authors can feel however we want about the reviews and the ratings that come from them, but very rarely if ever should we respond to the criticisms and reviews whether good or bad positive or negative.
However, not responding does not lessen the sting of the negative reviews nor does it contain the elation at the positive reviews. Being that we're a human (at least the last time I checked I was) we tend to focus on the negative. We can only hope that the positive reviews will balance out the negatives.

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  1. I loved Immortal, LOVED it and I didn't write a review. I need to rectify that and will post a review on my blog sometime this week.

    I keep looking for the sequel and I'm so disappointed everytime it's not there :o[

    Do you have one in the works? Give me something to look forward to!

    I'd love to do an interview with you and maybe we could coordinate that with the review. Maybe the week after next when things aren't so crazy.

    Let's keep in touch!

    Kristi-The Book Faery