Monday, November 15, 2010

To B!#%p or Not to B!#%p

Most of us hear or use curse words on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes they are used for effect, to make our point clearer, or even to make a joke. Sometime they are used without us even noticing. We hear them on television on a nearly daily basis. They are even in the music we sing along too. So, why not in our books?
I have to say that in everyday conversation and most media the swear words pass me by without me even noticing. Occasionally, they call my attention such as when my supervisor uses them in a staff meeting as he yelling at us.
The one place they are sure to catch my attention is in my reading. When I read/ hear the word coming out of someone’s mouth or even in their head I feel the full impact of it. I am shocked
                                           and often dismayed. Which makes me wonder why?
                                           We use them, we hear them, and we sing them.  Why not write them?

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  1. I am not use to seeing curse words in books, but in blogs....yes. You may see a few in mine ;) I have to say I use curse words, but I am trying to clean up my potty mouth. Curse words in books...grabs my attention to...and usually not in a good way. In magazines I think that curse words are more tolerated because you don't actually see the word the person said you see some of the things said in your pictures above.

    Oh by the way....I totally haven't talked to you in a while. So I thought that I would comment on this. :)