Monday, November 22, 2010

Reading vs. Writing

If you ask writers you’ll find most if not all of us read. Like every reader some of us speed through a book or several at a time. Sometimes we plod through from page to page looking for the end or something to make it feel like less of a chore.
There are many tired sayings. “If you want to write you need to read.” “You have to read it before you can write it.” I agree with these statements even though they are clichéd by this point. For me I struggle at times for a balance. It is so much easier to pick up a book and immerse myself in a different world.
Writing is much harder. At times it flows from inside your head and down to the keyboard without any effort. The world you create grows and changes as you write. Sometimes it’s as if you are there.  At other times it is difficult to see through the haze that surrounds your mind. Everything is fuzzy around the edges and hard to see.  As we write we hope for the easy days and dread the fuzzy clouds that roll in.
 It would truly be wonderful if writing was as easy as reading.

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  1. I read nonstop. It's who I am as much as writing is. I've never taken a writing class or studied how to write, everything I've learned I've learned from reading. Great post, I know people who want to write a book yet they don't read, this confuses me. I believe you have to love reading in order to write, I mean, what's the point if you don't like reading lol?