Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My First Negative Review

I received my first negative review this weekend.  I’m not sure if a month out of the gate is the norm for new authors, but I can’t say I’m shocked.  I knew they would eventually come.  It was only a matter of time.  After all, with so many varied tastes and preferences you can’t expect everyone to love it.  Even still I have to say, Ouch.
The thing that bothered me the most about it was that there was not one positive comment.  It was basically a tear down of the entire novel, culminating in my being the reason why Indie Authors are so hated.  I wonder, why have none of the other individuals who were kind enough to write reviews, or give me feedback pointed this fact out.
(If you would like to check it out they are at Amazon and Goodreads)


  1. DO NOT let this get you down. I trust one of the bloggers who did a review on this book and she loved it. She is a very honest person, and if she didn't like it, she would have never consented to doing a review of it. I'm going to go check that review out. Just keep your head up!

  2. #yalitchat just did a whole discussion on reviews on twitter. You should really check that out if you weren't there. It was some good stuff =)

  3. If you wanted an answer, you could have asked me.

    I frankly think the other people posting reviews wanted you to say something nice about them, or are trying to establish themselves as kind reviewers.

    It surprises that no one has told you that wondering and wandering are spelled differently.