Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I was a little worried because it took me so long to format my novel that I may have done something wrong. But I was accepted to Smashwords premium catalog. I even get my very own ISBN number. I know e-publishing may not be the traditional route, but I still feel pretty stoked.

I also sold two copies of Immortal. Woohoo. I feel like an honest to goodness writer now. I know it's lame but I can't help but be excited. (Even though I can't taste food and I've slept four hours in the past three days. I hate having a cold and worse being congested to the point I can barely breathe.)


  1. I bought one of those copies - and just finished reading! :) I really enjoyed it, especially that ending - a bit Twilight "ish" but that ending and the first chapter of the next book! WOW!!! :)

    I would love to talk with you about coming over to my blog and doing an interview or guest post :)

    Also, I gotta know when the next one might be out :D

    Stoked! :D

  2. Good Morning, I am a new follower from Book Blogs. I am thrilled to see that you are a writter and if you ever need anything reviewed I would love to help. If you get a chance stop by and check me out at
    Have a great day and congratulations on your book.