Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mistake Number One

Not hiring a professional editor.

This may seem like a no brainer but I have to learn everything the hard way. This is the thing I regret the most and would change if I could. I honestly thought that when I released Immortal it was the best it could be. There were, however, some glaring errors in the manuscript and those reviewers or readers who threw their hands up and quit reading I apologize.

Earlier this year I decided to correct this issue. I hired a professional editor (Lynn O’Dell) and after a few months of hard work and back and forth we got it worked out. I now have the edited version of Immortal at Amazon and Smashwords. I have also uploaded it to B&N but I’m not sure how long it will take to be corrected as they tend to lag behind slightly on updates.
My advice to those who are considering going the Indie route is to hire a professional editor. It may seem like and unnecessary or frivolous expense, but it is worth every penny you spend. Also make sure they do an adequate job (most editors will offer sample edits). There really is no substitute for an editor. Beta readers are great but they usually are not getting paid to find the mistakes. So if you want your book to be the best it can be, get a reputable editor. This will not guarantee success but it will hopefully help prevent some bad reviews or readers giving up on your novel prematurely due to common spelling errors or holes in your plot.


  1. Hear, hear.
    I'm at a point that I don't even bother to read books which weren't professionally edited.

  2. Hey, I've been checking back here off and on. I'm so glad to see you're back and writing. I was worried you were going to let those bad reviews beat you down. The story is good and you're a good writer just keep doing it.

    This series of blogs looks interesting. Keep up the good work.

  3. I just finished your book and I loved it so I hope that you continue to write the book forever. I would buy it for sure :)

  4. For someone just getting their feet wet in writing, what would your advice be? I've been told a copyright is not necessary but I can't say I agree so I did get one on my first manuscript. It's cheap and reassuring to me. I also started submitting to agents while I am working on another book.. I got bored waiting. Is an agency a good move and one stop shop for an inexperienced author? My take on it is that they coordinate the editing and publishing, taking alot of weight off the authors shoulders?? Am I accurate?

  5. I am not to happy to hear that you have to pay an agent and an editor. I was hoping that as an Independent you would have considered more of Amazon's eBook publishing tools and offered those of us fans to be eyes and ears when it came to your storyline's. Thus keeping your books affordable. Now I can expect to pay a minimum of $10.00 just so you can pay them both. Afterall, you do have a family to raise as well.

    Being disabled doesn't afford me many luxuries and simply getting internet access can be hard. Now to have to save for two months just for one book. That's alright though as long as Samuel and Alina remain together, even if there is rivalry between them and Duncan.

    Remember to keep Lucina busy chasing Duncan. I am sure they were married once upon a time. Samuel's explaination to Alina about his relationship with Duncan and the rest would be wonderful to here as well.

    As I am disabled and have nothing better to do with my time, I am an avid reader and I keep my critique's to myself. Except when I find Authors such as yourself who listen to and hear what their fans have to say. Vampires, Immortals, Dragons, Martial Arts and Fantasy are my Genre's. I have found your book "Immortal" very worthy of continuing and have even thought of ways I would continue your story. If you like I can send you my drafts that I normally keep to myself.

    Patrick Fenton

    PS. I will send you my Twitter and Facebook accounts the moment I have them completely set up.

  6. Please keep writting! Don't get discouraged!! I loved the book and can't wait to read more. You are learning so is everyone, but I believe you have great talent! Please please keep writting.

  7. Lauren are you ok? I'm starting to wonder if something happened to you. If you're alive out there answer us.

  8. I loved your book and expect even more from the next one. You can do this, many other authors failed at first and improved later. I think you did very well for your first attempt. keep up the good work. I bought this book without knowing anything about you, I will definitely buy the next.